peace is my religion

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The Peace Is My Religion philosophy:

This brand is a symbol and a way of thinking for founder Martika and Umberto

"I'm not trying to defend religion, but people suffering from prejudices about their religion."

Through this brand Martika is sending a message:

"Peace is essential for humanity. "

Peace is My Religion presents itself as an innovative and daring jewellery world that has established itself in the jewellery world thanks to its unique and exclusive style .

Its collections of silver and gold-plated jewellery, its semi-precious stones reveal a subtle creativity, synonymous with a mastery and a thorough technique, setting the scene for the Art of Jewellery!

"Love has no colour or religion, beyond religions love will always triumph."

Through the different models of the collection, we find jewels gathering all the religious symbols to unite them in one unique piece. Singular jewels that have allure, refined curves, modern with a liberated spirit blowing permanently on its creations.

It is through her imagination, love for religions and world peace that Martika imagines, designs and creates her Peace is my Religion jewellery.

The designer tells us... « I have always been attracted to jewellery, fascinated by the magic of precious stones and the shine of gold. When I was a little girl, my grandmother would let me explore her jewellery box. Each time I would rediscover a treasure with the same intense pleasure. I could spend several hours imagining the incredible history of these jewels.»


Handmade in our workshop in Italy 🇮🇹

Our products are handmade by expert jewellery artisans.
Our zircons are certified grade ZrSiO4, hardness 7½